Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Spoke To Teens About Social Media and Mental Health

The couple hopes to create “longterm solutions” for young people.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have long been advocates and leaders in the mental health community — both the duke and duchess have been vocal about their own personal struggles, as well as supported several organizations to spread awareness and end the stigma around therapy. So, as a part of Mental Health Awareness month, the royals sat down with a group of teens to discuss social media and how today’s digital landscape can impact mental wellness.

While visiting AHA! Santa Barbara, the two had a “candid” conversation about social media and its effects on “mental well-being.” They shared their experience on the Archewell Foundation website, saying that during the event, Meghan and Harry learned “firsthand about this generation’s experiences with social media and societal pressures, and how it affects their mental well-being. The couple engaged with these amazing youth in candid conversation, working to find solutions together.”

And while they acknowledged the many benefits of social media (bringing together communities, spreading positivity, raising awareness, etc), it can also serve as a toxic breeding ground for “insecurity, peer-pressure, and potential for self-harm, among other risks.”

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Before signing off, the husband-and-wife duo reiterated that mental wellness is and will continue to be a main pillar of their personal beliefs, as well as Achewell’s brand values.

“AWF holds a core belief that mental health is of the utmost importance, and underpins all of our work,” the statement continued. “We are regularly meeting with young people, parents, and professionals to understand the challenges they may be facing while working together to drive towards long-term solutions on- and

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Globe’s #MakeITSafePH cyber safety goes beyond its campaign promise

MANILA, Philippines, May 15, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the world prepares to celebrate Mental Health Action Day on May 18, Globe, the leading digital solutions platform in the Philippines, highlights how a simple tech-enabled cybersecurity and safety campaign evolved into a meaningful movement that has gained support from various stakeholders, including commercial partners, the academe, and lawmakers.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Globe’s #MakeITSafePH cyber safety protects children’s mental health in the digital age (Graphic: Business Wire)

Globe reintroduced the #MakeITSafePH campaign to promote responsible and mindful online behavior and raise awareness about cyberbullying, placing focus on its impact on Filipino youth and the role of parents and guardians to mitigate it. The campaign kicked off in June 2022 to coincide with World Social Media Day, followed closely by the launch of the #MakeITSafePH microsite shortly after.

Using blocked data, social listening, and crowdsourcing, the #MakeITSafePH microsite features a Cyberbullying Glossary, collecting common terms and emojis used in such acts alongside real anecdotes where these were perpetuated. Globe later turned these terms into digital and physical flashcards to bring parents’ learning offline, also partnering with external organizations to demonstrate how seemingly-harmless terms or emojis can be used against children.

Globe launched two digital films on social media to encourage visits to the website. The first film, “Parents Social Experiment,” showed how parents find it hard to decipher words and emojis that kids today use for cyberbullying, and how learning this novel language may help them better protect their children. The second film, “Off to School,” emphasized the impact of cyberbullying on children’s physical and mental health.

Globe also tapped KonsultaMD, its telemedicine platform that recognizes the need for digital and mental health. For a more holistic approach, the #MakeITSafePH site provides access

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