KSI stuns fans with crazy neck workout ahead of Joe Fournier fight

KSI showed off some interesting training routines during his media workout ahead of his clash with Joe Fournier.

The social media star turned boxer is set to come up against 9-0 professional boxer Fournier on Saturday night at Wembley Arena in London.

KSI surprised fans at his media workout


KSI surprised fans at his media workout
When he began spinning around on his head to train his neck


When he began spinning around on his head to train his neck

As usual, KSI was in terrific shape and it seems he has been particularly working on his neck strength, as it is thought to help boxers with absorbing punches.

At his media workout, KSI impressed the crowds in attendance, as he began spinning around on his neck with his head on the canvas and then flipped over.

Should KSI come through this bout with Fournier, he is targeting Tommy Fury if he cannot make a fight with long-time rival, Jake Paul.

“My focus is now Tommy,” KSI told the Mirror.

“Because I know I won’t be able to directly get to Jake, he’s doing a runner.

“He doesn’t want it, he was being like ‘yeah, yeah I want to fight KSI’ but when it came to actually doing it he doesn’t want any part of it.

KSI believes he can do what Paul couldn't and KO Fury


KSI believes he can do what Paul couldn’t and KO Fury

“So I’m glad his fanbase, my fans, the general public know that he’s full of s***.”

In terms of a clash with Fury, KSI said: “Everyone sees him as a guy that’s going to destroy me.

“I have no chance. I love that.

“For me, I know it’s going to make me a better boxer, better fighter and better person in general.

“So once I get in the ring and show the world that Tommy Fury ain’t s***, then what?”

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Get a faster 5K time with this hybrid track workout

The 5K is the pinnacle distance of road racing. It is a distance every runner has either raced or can relate to, plus it can be one of the more straightforward road distances to train for. If you’re doing the right workouts, training for the 5K can be rewarding, plus it can translate if you’re training for longer or shorter distances.

Photo: Maxine Gravina.

It’s a term you’ll hear coaches say a thousand times, but the key to lowering your 5K time (or improving your speed in general) is to practice getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

This hybrid track workout is designed to get your body and legs acquainted with your goal 5K pace on little rest. The short jog recovery will challenge your aerobic threshold and improve your capacity to feel confident with unfamiliar paces come race day.


12 to 15 reps of 300m with 100m jog recovery

(We recommend a 10 to 15-minute warm-up jog with dynamic stretching before you start, followed by a similar duration cool down after finishing).

This workout should be done on a 400m or 200m athletics track. If you do not have access to a track, you can modify this workout by doing 90 seconds at your 5K pace with 45 seconds jog recovery. Aim for the same amount of reps. 

track practice
Photo: Kevin Morris

Hitting paces in this workout is ever so important. Do not go out too fast in the first five reps. It will certainly come back to haunt you later on. For example, if you are training to break 20 minutes in the 5K, aim to hit each 300m rep in around 70 seconds. If you reach rep seven or eight and are feeling comfortable with the pace and rest, try speeding each rep up to three

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Carol Vorderman showcases incredible abs in skintight workout outfit

Carol Vorderman often turns heads, whether she’s modelling a stunning bikini or a beautiful evening gown – or even something more casual.

 Sunday was no exception, as the beautiful blonde posed for some gorgeous selfies after what she termed a “serious” workout. 

The star took to her Instagram Stories, where she posted one shot of herself beaming, with exercise equipment just visible in the background. Carol wore a skintight hot pink cropped top with long sleeves, which she teamed with figure-hugging black leggings. 

WATCH: Carol Vorderman shows off phenomenal abs in nude-coloured ensemble

Keeping her make up natural, the mum-of-two’s locks flowed loosely past her shoulders. In another image, some of Carol’s hair fell over her face as she smiled for the camera while a third showed her looking a little trepidatious, which she captioned: “Serious @thegymset sesh this morning”. 

Carol loves working out and staying fit© Instagram
Carol loves working out and staying fit

The 62-year-old loves keeping fit and healthy and recently spoke to HELLO!‘s podcast In a Good Place about her life and body confidence. 

Carol opened up: “Women who are in their 60s, we weren’t brought up to exercise. You had PE at school and there were certainly no gyms. I came to exercise late in my life; now I love walking and I love my gym. 

Carol smiled in her latest gym selfies© Instagram
The star smiled in her latest gym selfies

“I’ve started stretching a lot, too. I think as you get older, you need to do weight-bearing stuff and you need to stretch and squat. If you don’t, even for a couple of weeks, you start creaking.” 

Carol is committed to working out
Carol is committed to working out

She also spoke about the importance of looking good as someone who works in television, saying: “Because I work in a visual world you have to pay more attention, as do

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One Dumbbell, Four Moves and 20 Minutes

Whether you’re looking to blow the dust off of that pandemic purchase dumbbell that’s been acting as a door stop all winter or just need a quick fire, minimalist workout that’ll see you in and out of the gym in under 30 minutes, you’re in the right place.

This 20-minute, total-body muscle builder requires just a single dumbbell (or kettlebell), but promises to work everything from your shoulders, to your lats, to your legs and core.

After a thorough warm-up, start a countdown timer for 20 minutes and work your way through as many high-quality rounds as possible of the following four-move, full-body burner. If your weights are a little on the light side, crank up the reps, but focus on keeping your form sharp and resting only as necessary to keep your reps tight.

Make a note of how many rounds you manage to complete at the buzzer and aim to beat your score the next time you repeat the workout in order to ensure progressive overload and majorly increasing your chances of seeing serious gains.

push press

1. Push Press x 5 (each side)

Clean your dumbbell onto your shoulders, palms facing in. Take a breath and brace your core. (A) Dip at the knees and use your legs to help (B) press your dumbbell overhead. Lower under control to your shoulder and repeat. Perform five reps on your weaker side before repeating with the opposite arm.

chainsaw row

2. Single Arm Row x 10 (each side)

Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in your left arm, take a staggered stance and hinge at the hips until your arm is hanging at full stretch. Squeeze your opposite arm to create tension through your body(A). Keeping your torso still and avoiding excessive motion, row your ‘bell up towards your hip (B

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All You Need Are Two Dumbbells And This Smart Workout To Build Leg Muscle

 Close-up of man's legs in lunge position holding dumbbells

Close-up of man’s legs in lunge position holding dumbbells

Do you feel as if the gains from your strength training have stalled? First of all you should make sure you’re following a progressive workout for muscle gain, but if you’ve ticked that box and still find yourself stuck on a plateau it’s worth looking for a new way to challenge your body.

Drop sets are a great way to do this. This method means performing an exercise until you can’t complete another rep, reducing the weight, then going to failure again. And then doing that one more time with a weight that’s lighter still. As you may have guessed, it’s a technique not to be trifled with, but you can try this cut-back version from certified personal trainer Mary Yankovich.

Yankovich takes a weighted exercise, then follows it with the same or similar bodyweight move. The pairing of exercises is designed to target a specific muscle or muscle group in the lower body.

Watch Mary Yankovich’s Drop-Set Workout

There are four supersets to perform. The session starts with front-rack dumbbell squats, followed by unweighted squats, and moves on to Bulgarian split squats, with and then without a pair of dumbbells.

Next are reverse lunges, while holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides, and then single-leg raised glute bridges. The workout finishes with goblet squats and jump squats.

Use a pair of heavy dumbbells, so the final reps of every set are challenging. The unweighted set that follows then allows you to keep pushing the muscle.

You can do this workout as a leg day session, completing three sets of each pairing, or add it to the end of a gym workout as a finisher.

If you’re completing this workout

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Hate burpees? This six-minute workout boosts your metabolism and builds full-body strength without any jumping

 A woman doing mountain climbers on a yoga mat in her living room

A woman doing mountain climbers on a yoga mat in her living room

What if we told you that home workouts don’t need to feature burpees? No, seriously. If you truly hate burpees, leave them to one side and try this low-impact routine instead.

Created by Sweat app co-founder Kayla Itsines, this six-minute session is devoid of any jumping, taking pressure off your joints (and keeping your downstairs neighbor sweet, if you live in an apartment).

You don’t need any equipment to take it for a spin either, although Itsines’ chooses to use a yoga mat to soften her workout surface. You can also add an adjustable dumbbell for the goblet sit squats if you want a bonus challenge.

The workout is split into four mini circuits. For each one, perform all exercises in turn for 20-40 seconds with no rest between them. Once you’ve finished a circuit, take a 20-second breather then start the next one.

With all training, maintaining good form is vital. This not only helps you get the most out of your workout, but also lowers your chance of injury. So, watch and learn from Itsines’ movements below, then try to mirror them.

Watch Kayla Itsines’ low-impact full-body workout

If you’re looking for joint-friendly fitness options, impact-exercises-the-best-joint-friendly-workouts-for-you” data-ylk=”slk:low-impact exercises;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “low-impact exercises are the way to go.

They place less strain on your joints, so you can enjoy the health benefits of activities like running or HIIT workouts for fat loss without subjecting your knees, hips and ankles to the same stresses.

However, that doesn’t mean strength-building moves like goblet sit squats and commando push-ups won’t leave your muscles feeling sore, particularly if you’re new to these types of exercises. Don’t worry though, this is completely normal and known as delayed onset muscle

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Boost your metabolism and build full-body strength with this 12-minute dumbbell workout

 Woman doing workout with dumbbells

Woman doing workout with dumbbells

You’ve got a packed day, no time for the gym, but you still want to squeeze in a good workout. What can you do? Well, why not try this quick dumbbell routine?

It’s just 12 minutes long and, better yet, it works your whole body. You only need a light pair and a heavy pair of dumbbells (or a single set of adjustable dumbbells) too, making it a great home workout option. So, for those days when the clock is not your friend, make sure to save this one for later.

The workout has been created by Mr and Mrs Muscle, a YouTube coaching duo with level three diplomas in personal training. It follows a HIRT (high-intensity resistance training) format, tasking you to complete two rounds of a six-move circuit.

For each one movement you’ll work for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then move on to the next exercise, challenging your muscles and keeping your heart rate high.

Watch the trainers’ video below to find out which movements await you, and mirror their form to make sure you’re performing each one correctly.

Watch Mr and Mrs Muscle’s full body dumbbell workout

The heavier set of dumbbells is for lower-body-dominant exercises like front squats and single-leg deadlifts, then you should switch to the lighter dumbbells for upper-body moves including the skull crushers and w-curls.

This is because your lower half is home to some of the largest muscle groups in your body, including the hamstrings and quadriceps (in the thighs) and the glutes (or buttocks). As a result, the vast majority of people will be able to lift heavier loads using their lower-body muscles.

However, we realise “one light and one heavy” set of dumbbells is a bit vague, so we

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