Hybridize your workout with pleasant transitions from indoors to outdoors

Throughout my life, the month of May has always signified hope and optimism. It’s this season of change that inspires me to create, get active and make something happen.

In terms of physical activity, many exercisers move their programs from indoors to out — especially in Arkansas. This week, I’ll present a few ways to move an exercise program into “hybrid” mode. Plus, I’ll share an exercise that can be performed anywhere.

The term “hybrid” has become ubiquitous among the workforce in a pandemic or post-pandemic atmosphere. A quick LinkedIn scroll will turn up hundreds of articles and opinions on whether hybrid work is better or worse for corporations. I won’t dip my toe into those waters here but rather discuss the fluid nature of hybrid exercise as it relates to workout settings.

Indoor workouts are what they are. The environment is stable, predictable and usually social to some extent. For many, exercising indoors is the bread and butter of their physical activity program. But outdoor workouts can be life changing. The Arkansas landscape is wondrous and beautiful. I encourage all exercisers to plan at least a couple of outdoor workouts every week.

The easiest way to create a hybrid workout schedule is to plan cardiovascular sessions on outdoor days and weight training on indoor days. Since weight training is tied to equipment that’s hard to move, it’s more difficult to bring outside. It’s not impossible, as stretch bands and medicine balls can offer some mobile resistance-training support. But by and large, outdoor workouts are easiest when no equipment is involved.

One example of a hybrid schedule for working people might be an indoor workout on Tuesday and Thursday (weight training), then outdoor workout on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This gives a nice blend of indoor/outdoor stimulation. In this

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