Dietitian reveals improving gut health can help you lose weight

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A dietitian has revealed what could be stopping you from getting a better night sleep, hitting your weight loss goals and keeping the dreaded bloat at bay.

Australian dietitian Leanne Ward, has said gut health can be the key to mastering our core health pillars, but the topic is often misunderstood which leads to common mistakes.

Gut health is essentially when you have a balance of good and bad bacteria and yeast in your digestive system, Ms Ward – who also known as The Fitness Dietitian – explained.

However many people believe in order to maintain good gut health they need to cut out a lot of things – such as dairy, coffee and gluten – leading to a string of misconceptions.

These include believing a blood test can diagnose intolerances, that a low FODMAP diet is a long-term solution and avoiding certain foods under the guise that they will immediately trigger symptoms.

Signs of poor gut health can include regular episodes of pain, bloating, gas, altered bowel patterns, poor immunity meaning you’re regularly sick, tiredness and sleep disturbances, altered emotional states or an auto-immune condition.

At least 50 per cent of Australian adults experience unpleasant gut symptoms such as bloating, gas and constipation, and one in seven experience distressing symptoms, according to the CSIRO Gut Health & Weight Loss Report 2019.

But how can poor gut health impact your fitness goals?

Well gut health plays an essential role in our health and well being – and potentially weight loss as good gut health sees prebiotic fibres such as oats producing short chain fatty acids, which in turn helps regulate our metabolic functions. This relies on good gut

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I’m a dietician – here are 4 cheap diet hacks BETTER for weight loss than Wegovy and Ozempic jabs

A ‘MIRACLE’ weight busting jab used by your fav celebs is coming to a high street near you.

The drug, called Wegovy, will be available on prescription in pharmacies sometime this year, offering hope to millions of Brits caught in a cycle of yo-yo dieting.

An expert has revealed an easier and cheaper way to shed the pounds


An expert has revealed an easier and cheaper way to shed the pounds

The jabs have allegedly helped billionaire business mogul Elon Musk shed the pounds, and are rumoured to have helped Kim Kardashian fit into that Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala.

Previous trials showed people taking the drug lost on average 12 per cent more of their body weight, compared to people on a placebo.

But, the same trials showed that around half of people taking the drug experience gut issues, including sickness, bloating, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhoea.

Many also regained two-thirds of the pounds they shed after dropping the weekly injections.

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I'm a dietitian - here are 9 cheap food swaps that will help you lose weight fast

Not to put you off any further, but, if you aren’t eligible for the drug on the NHS, you’ll have to fork out a hefty fee to pay.

With that in mind, is there any easier and cheaper way to shed the pounds?

According to nutritionist, Emma Beckett, from the University of Newcastle, Wegovy works by supressing our appetite – this is why it works for weight loss.

To do this, an ingredient found in the fat-busting drug, known as semaglutide, mimics the role of a natural hormone, called GLP-1.

“This hormone is normally produced in response to detecting nutrients when we eat,” Emma wrote in the Conversation.

GLP-1 is part of the signalling pathway that tells your body you have eaten, and prepare it to use the energy that comes from your food.

What foods can trigger the same reaction?

Energy-dense foods, which tend

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Kerry Katona looks slimmer than ever in plunging maxi dress after new diet

KERRY Katona looks better than ever as she models her smaller shape in a brand new Instagram post.

The singer showed off the continued effects of her new diet as she posed in a plunging maxi dress.

Kerry stuns in maxi dressmaxi-dress-817155301.jpg?w=670 670w, 960w, 1240w, 1005w, 1440w, 1860w, 1340w, 1920w, 2480w” bad-src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 0.8 1"%3E%3C/svg%3E”/


Kerry stuns in maxi dressCredit: Instagram
She showed off the impressive results of her health kick


She showed off the impressive results of her health kickCredit: Instagram

The mum of three looked incredible as she posed in a cheetah print maxi dress.

Her blonde locks were swept back by her sunglasses and she glowed with a fresh face and fluttery lashes.

Kerry finished the outfit off with silver jewellery and beige boots.

Fans of the star rushed to the comment section to gush over her gorgeous snaps and congratulate her on her weight loss.

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Kerry Katona left bed bound and in agony as her ‘body shuts down’

One fan wrote: “Looks like the hard work is paying off”

“Wow! Kerry you are looking amazing,” another wrote.

While a third commented: “You’ve lost so much weight you look amazing.”

The star recently confessed to shedding the pounds in one of her latest column for OK magazine and revealed her new regime, the Francis Diet.

She was quick to defend herself against any potential trolls by insisting she was feeling amazing after losing the weight so quickly.

The star said she was now able to fit back into her size 12 jeans after an overhaul of her “dieting” plans.

Writing for the publication, Kerry said: “I’ve lost 8lb in a week and I’m back in my size 12 jeans! I feel amazing.

“It’s all thanks to the FrancisDiet, plus working out with my fitness brand M-Fit.”

Kerry working hard in the gymkerry-katona-slaying-away-gym-803772650.jpg?w=1005 1005w, 1440w, 1860w, 1340w, 1920w,
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How to burn stubborn belly fat and gain muscle at the same time: here’s the complete workout plan

Weight gain and weight loss keep happening throughout one’s life. But, when you gain weight with intention and when you lose weight with attention, both processes become helpful. As you gain weight in terms of muscle volume and mass as well as bone density, your fat management happens too, which means your body-fat ratio gradually goes down. This orchestration is possible with a simple scientific understanding of input-output.

  • Your nutritional input has to be super vital and not super volumes.

  • Your output has to be in terms of sensible optimal movement therapy with body weight or progressive resistance training with weights under intelligent and qualified supervision.

So how can you build a protocol to build muscle mass and maintain it?

  • I cannot emphasise the need for adequate rest and relaxation. Take regular massages to reduce muscle tension. Improve blood circulation, increase joint mobility, and flexibility.

  • If someone is looking out for bodybuilding or competitive sport, then sensible supplementation under appropriate qualified supervision is needed. The end result is that your muscle density, muscle mass, muscle volume, and strength go up gradually, and your body-fat ratio proportionately goes down.

  • Use these yoga asanas as a complementary routine: Plank pose (phalakasana), bow pose (dhanurasana), triangle pose (trikonasana), bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana), downward facing dog pose (Adho mukha svanasana), chair pose, warrior pose (virabhadrasana) and boat pose.

  • Intelligent optimal movement therapy can be used to achieve the same results without using weights. Every human loses 5.1 percent of their muscle mass yearly. Weight training can help maintain and increase muscle mass, as well as strengthen ligaments and joints. You can perform isolating exercises like leg extensions and compound exercises like squats on some days, and chest presses or cardio routines on others. The best way to stimulate all small and large

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