Six women reversed their aging by 4 years through healthy diet – study

It isn’t exactly new information that your nutrition can impact your rate of aging to some extent.

For years, we have repeatedly been shown studies that indicate a healthy lifestyle, with a rich diet, moderate exercise, reduced stress and improved quality of life, can result in improved physical and mental health.

However, the research you’ll see this time will surprise you, because not only does it say your nutrition can slow down aging, but can actually turn the clock back and reverse aging.

It is important to explain in advance though that this was a small study, featuring just six women as participants. Therefore, researchers suggest taking these findings with a grain of salt, but it is still worth learning about them.

Healthy eating, sleeping, more physical activity and less stress

The study in question was published in the journal Aging and featured an experiment conducted on six women. This comes after a prior study carried out on three men, which showed promising results.

Can our biological sands of time be reversed, rejuvenating us from aging? (Illustrative) (credit: PIXABAY)

This current study featured researchers from the American Dietetic Association and the University of Virginia, which aimed to study how a certain menu impacted the rate of aging, and how that is reflected in one’s DNA.

To do this, the researchers formulated an eight-week plan that included better sleep habits, exercise, stress reduction techniques and nutritional guidance.

The participants were also provided with probiotics and other nutrients according to their own nutritional deficiencies while also getting professional dietary support.

How do you calculate “biological” age?

In order to understand the results of the experiment, it is necessary to understand a concept that has fascinated researchers in recent years: Biological age.

Unlike chronological age, which reflects the year you were born

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Medicine’s next weapon against COVID

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Since the COVID pandemic started, we’ve learned so much about the virus.

Science tells us it can survive up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, and 24 hours on cardboard. New findings suggest you can get COVID by just touching contaminated surfaces, so researchers are developing new ways to kill COVID before it becomes a threat.

“COVID created a lot of problems for humanity,” said Sudipta Seal. “But it also created a lot of opportunities.”

A team of UCF researchers stepped up to the challenge and created a nano-based disinfectant that can kill several viruses, including COVID.

“When you shrink a material down to nano dimensions, they have unique physical-chemical properties,” said Craig Neal. “The nanomaterial itself has this antiviral property.”

The particles are so small, it would take 100,000 of them to be as thick as a single strand of human hair.

A nano-coating uses everyday white light to generate UV light and destroy the virus. It was originally designed for protective equipment like gloves, facemasks and visors, but researchers believe the coating could work about everywhere.

The team at University of Central Florida is working to create a spray for another material. They’re testing it on multiple viruses and believe it can be tweaked to fight other pathogens.

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