Build Run-Ready Strength With These Lifts

Many athletes may associate the traditional deadlift exercise with body-building, rather than running, but this move (and its variations) benefit runners in more ways than one.

Practicing Romanian deadlifts a.k.a. RDLs strengthens the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, as well as the core, arm, and back muscles. In other words, you power up your entire posterior chain (or back of body), while building stability.

The best part: Instead of making you find creative ways to add this move to an existing strength session, we’ve eliminated the guesswork and had Yusuf Jeffers, NASM-certified personal trainer and USATF-certified running coach in New York City create this full RDL workout that you can seamlessly add to your schedule.

The Benefits of this RDL Workout for Runners

The muscles that comprise your posterior chain—those glutes, hamstrings, calves, erector spinae (along the spine), lats (the biggest muscle of the back), and rear shoulder muscles—all come into play during your running gait, says Jeffers. And they’re the same muscles you strengthen with the RDL.

“RDLs not only build strength in the lower body, but they also help strengthen the muscles in back and core to help with maintaining proper posture while performing exercise, which translates to good posture while running,” says Jeffers.

The RDL also differs slightly from the traditional deadlift in that it puts more emphasis on the power-producing glutes and hamstrings (because your legs stay straighter), rather than also getting more quads involved like the traditional move.

In addition to RDL variations, this well-crafted workout from Jeffers includes a warmup to wake up your muscles and prime them for powerful lifts. You’ll also mix in accessory work for active recovery and a way to work smaller muscle groups, like those of the upper body.

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