Dr Joseph Dituri: Dr Joseph Dituri: US professor who broke record for longest time living underwater has no plans to come back to land yet; know more

A man has lived underwater for 74 days in Florida, USA, for his research. Dr Joseph Dituri has been living at the bottom of a 30-foot lagoon. He has broken the record for the longest time living underwater by a human at ambient pressure, at a Florida Keys lodge for scuba divers.

Dr Joseph Dituri lives underwater at the Jules’ Undersea Lodge at the base of the lagoon in Key Largo. The researcher has no plans to come back to land soon. He plans to make it to 100 days underwater, to make a record that will be difficult to break. He is doing it all for his underwater mission titled Project Neptune 100.

Underwater man’s diet

While living underwater, Dr Dituri has been maintaining a protein-heavy diet, consuming eggs and salmon cooked in a microwave. He has posted videos of his food on his Instagram handle.

The man exercises using resistance bands, does daily pushups, and makes sure to take a nap for an hour.

Posting about his underwater life at sea and his record-breaking feat, Dr Dituri said on social media, “Today I broke the world record for living underwater. The curiosity for discovery has led me here. My goal from day one has been to inspire generations to come, interview scientists who study life undersea and learn how the human body functions in extreme environments.”

Who held the previous ‘living underwater’ record?

The previous record of living underwater was held by Tennessee professors Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain, who achieved the feat at 73 days, two hours and 34 minutes. Incidentally, the earlier record was made at the same location in the year 2014.

What is Dr Dituri’s underwater mission Project Neptune 100?

Dr Dituri plans to stay at the underwater lodge until June 9, 2023, in

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