KSI stuns fans with crazy neck workout ahead of Joe Fournier fight

KSI showed off some interesting training routines during his media workout ahead of his clash with Joe Fournier.

The social media star turned boxer is set to come up against 9-0 professional boxer Fournier on Saturday night at Wembley Arena in London.

KSI surprised fans at his media workout


KSI surprised fans at his media workout
When he began spinning around on his head to train his neck


When he began spinning around on his head to train his neck

As usual, KSI was in terrific shape and it seems he has been particularly working on his neck strength, as it is thought to help boxers with absorbing punches.

At his media workout, KSI impressed the crowds in attendance, as he began spinning around on his neck with his head on the canvas and then flipped over.

Should KSI come through this bout with Fournier, he is targeting Tommy Fury if he cannot make a fight with long-time rival, Jake Paul.

“My focus is now Tommy,” KSI told the Mirror.

“Because I know I won’t be able to directly get to Jake, he’s doing a runner.

“He doesn’t want it, he was being like ‘yeah, yeah I want to fight KSI’ but when it came to actually doing it he doesn’t want any part of it.

KSI believes he can do what Paul couldn't and KO Fury


KSI believes he can do what Paul couldn’t and KO Fury

“So I’m glad his fanbase, my fans, the general public know that he’s full of s***.”

In terms of a clash with Fury, KSI said: “Everyone sees him as a guy that’s going to destroy me.

“I have no chance. I love that.

“For me, I know it’s going to make me a better boxer, better fighter and better person in general.

“So once I get in the ring and show the world that Tommy Fury ain’t s***, then what?”

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Spoke To Teens About Social Media and Mental Health

The couple hopes to create “longterm solutions” for young people.

<p>Getty Images</p>

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have long been advocates and leaders in the mental health community — both the duke and duchess have been vocal about their own personal struggles, as well as supported several organizations to spread awareness and end the stigma around therapy. So, as a part of Mental Health Awareness month, the royals sat down with a group of teens to discuss social media and how today’s digital landscape can impact mental wellness.

While visiting AHA! Santa Barbara, the two had a “candid” conversation about social media and its effects on “mental well-being.” They shared their experience on the Archewell Foundation website, saying that during the event, Meghan and Harry learned “firsthand about this generation’s experiences with social media and societal pressures, and how it affects their mental well-being. The couple engaged with these amazing youth in candid conversation, working to find solutions together.”

And while they acknowledged the many benefits of social media (bringing together communities, spreading positivity, raising awareness, etc), it can also serve as a toxic breeding ground for “insecurity, peer-pressure, and potential for self-harm, among other risks.”

<p>Getty Images</p>media.zenfs.com/en/instyle_846/c796e2d5aa6b96846a643cbf315ba5b8″/

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Before signing off, the husband-and-wife duo reiterated that mental wellness is and will continue to be a main pillar of their personal beliefs, as well as Achewell’s brand values.

“AWF holds a core belief that mental health is of the utmost importance, and underpins all of our work,” the statement continued. “We are regularly meeting with young people, parents, and professionals to understand the challenges they may be facing while working together to drive towards long-term solutions on- and

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