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FROM KETO TO ATKINS to paleo to Whole30, there are tons of fad diets out there. Another one to add to that list is the GOLO diet.

GOLO is shorthand for the plan’s mantra, “Go lose weight, go look great, go love life.”

The GOLO diet, like many other diets, argues that it’s the only diet that will work for you. So if you’ve tried other diets before and “failed” then GOLO is going to be just perfect for you.

Go with GOLO and you’ll lose the weight you want, a claim the company backs up with testimonials of people who have lost more than 100 pounds on the plan.

But the GOLO plan is different from other diets in a few major ways.

One, the promises go beyond weight loss. GOLO states that it will also boost your immunity and reset something called your “metabolic health.”

And, two, the GOLO diet builds itself around a supplement. That pill, called Release, helps dieters on the plan achieve their weight loss goals, but also improve their overall health.

Critics of the diet say that there are serious problems with GOLO and Release, cautioning people away from the plan.

“It’s a pass for this registered dietitian,” says Alyssa Pike, R.D., senior manager of nutrition communications for the International Food Information Council. “The GOLO diet is essentially a calorie-restricted diet that requires an expensive supplement.”

The GOLO diet may have healthy components, like focusing on whole food groups and avoiding too much added sugar, she says. But, research on the required supplement isn’t there to back up its claims.

“When an eating pattern proclaims it’s not a diet but promotes dieting behaviors, it’s confusing for everyone,” Pike adds.

Still, it’s hard not to get drawn into the dramatic before-and-afters

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Woman halves in size by following a diet plan where ‘nothing’s off limits’

Joanne weight loss weightwatchers

‘Still eat the foods I love!’ Woman lost 6st with diet plan where ‘nothing’s off limits’ (Image: JOANNE)

Joanne Reeve would “avoid going to theme parks for fear of not fitting in the seat” and she got to a point in her life where both she and her children were “missing out” on living a full life because of her weight. 

In a bid to get slim, Joanne joined WeightWatchers and found the “simple points limit” and food plan where “nothing is off limits” a success as she shed 6st 13lb taking her from 23st 12lb to 16st 13lb, and UK dress size 28 to 18. 

She spoke exclusively to about her weight loss journey and the advice she would give to others who find themselves in a similar situation. 

Joanne explained she had “been trying to lose weight for quite a while”, but “never really had much success”. 

“I went through cycles of losing some weight then would put it back on again,” she added. “I had explored different ways of losing weight, but I was struggling to get into the right mindset. 

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Joanne weight loss weightwatchers

Joanne before her six stone weight loss (Image: JOANNE)

“The turning point for me was coming across the quote ‘You would die for your children, but do you live for them’ – this really put things into perspective for me.” 

Before signing up for WeightWatchers, Joanne admitted she “wasn’t prepared to put the effort in”, but she “learnt that unless I was going to put the effort in, I wasn’t going to lose weight”. 

Speaking about why WeightWatchers was the right diet for her, she said: “I could still enjoy the foods I love. It worked so well for me because I felt

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