5 Popular Diet Plans To Help In Shed Kilos

THERE can be several ways to lose those extra kilos. From consuming healthy foods, and exercising to choosing the right diet plan, it is crucial to opt for a healthy and right way to lose weight. There are several effective weight loss diet plans that can help you lose kilos quickly. Every diet plan caters to variety and some specific needs, such as some cater to reducing appetite, while others help in lowering calorie amounts in the body. Here’s a list of some most popular weight loss diets.

Different Diet Plans For Weight Loss

1. Paleo Diet

A paleo diet includes fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, lean meats and seeds as the main ingredients. It is based on the foods that were consumed during the Palaeolithic era years ago. This diet urges you to remove processed foods, foods high in salt and high-fat foods from your meal. It claims that you should eat the same foods that your hunter-gatherer ancestors ate before agriculture developed. It is effective in reducing risk factors for heart diseases, such as high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

2. Vegan Diet

A vegan diet eliminates all animal foods and products and is simply plant-based. It restricts all animal products for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. It typically includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, soy, nuts and nut butter. It not only promotes weight loss, but is also effective in lowering bad cholesterol, risk of cancer, and managing diabetes.

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3. Low-Carb Diet

The balanced low-carb diet includes a variety of foods such as meat, non-starchy vegetables, poultry, nuts, seeds and dairy products. It limits the intake of carbohydrates, high-fat foods, and sugary foods. They are effective in reducing appetite and lowering the

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