Inside Kerry Katona’s weight loss after star sheds half a stone in a week on ‘genius’ diet plan

Former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona has wowed fans as she shows off her stunning figure, revealing how she managed to lose 8lbs in just one week following one specific diet.

The 42-year-old singer has been updating fans throughout her incredible weight loss transformation as she shares some of the key lifestyle changes she has made including a revamp of her diet and incorporating a fitness routine.

The star, who weighed over 13st at the beginning of her fitness journey, pledged to physically improve her health last month and by the looks of her most recent Instagram posts, she has been sticking to her word.

The Atomic Kitten star has lost 8lbs in a week after following the ‘Francis diet’ (Image: Instagram)

Posing in the gym, Kerry took to the social media platform over the weekend to share a snap of her progress in a lilac sports bra and lycra hot pants.

This was followed up by another smiling picture of her in a leopard print maxi dress which showed off her snatched waist.

Kerry showed off her snatched in waist in a maxi leopard print dress (Image: Instagram)

Katona told OK! magazine last month in her exclusive column that she had managed to fit back into her size 12 jeans.

She said: “I’ve lost 8lb in a week, and I’m back in my size 12 jeans! I feel amazing. It’s all thanks to the FrancisDiet, plus working out with my fitness brand M-Fit.”

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