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FROM KETO TO ATKINS to paleo to Whole30, there are tons of fad diets out there. Another one to add to that list is the GOLO diet.

GOLO is shorthand for the plan’s mantra, “Go lose weight, go look great, go love life.”

The GOLO diet, like many other diets, argues that it’s the only diet that will work for you. So if you’ve tried other diets before and “failed” then GOLO is going to be just perfect for you.

Go with GOLO and you’ll lose the weight you want, a claim the company backs up with testimonials of people who have lost more than 100 pounds on the plan.

But the GOLO plan is different from other diets in a few major ways.

One, the promises go beyond weight loss. GOLO states that it will also boost your immunity and reset something called your “metabolic health.”

And, two, the GOLO diet builds itself around a supplement. That pill, called Release, helps dieters on the plan achieve their weight loss goals, but also improve their overall health.

Critics of the diet say that there are serious problems with GOLO and Release, cautioning people away from the plan.

“It’s a pass for this registered dietitian,” says Alyssa Pike, R.D., senior manager of nutrition communications for the International Food Information Council. “The GOLO diet is essentially a calorie-restricted diet that requires an expensive supplement.”

The GOLO diet may have healthy components, like focusing on whole food groups and avoiding too much added sugar, she says. But, research on the required supplement isn’t there to back up its claims.

“When an eating pattern proclaims it’s not a diet but promotes dieting behaviors, it’s confusing for everyone,” Pike adds.

Still, it’s hard not to get drawn into the dramatic before-and-afters

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Mono diet for weight loss: Is it really effective?

Losing weight may seem easy, but it is not. It requires a lot of effort from your end in terms of your diet, workout, and lifestyle. However, it has been seen that people may not be able to follow the workout routine but they try to reduce their weight by following different types of weight loss diets. While there’s a wide variety of diets available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. One famous diet for weight loss is the monotropic diet or mono diet. It is a simple diet plan that requires you to eat a single item of food category at each meal of the day. But the question is, can it actually help in weight loss? Let’s find out.

Health Shots reached out to Hari Lakshmi, Consultant, Dietitian, and Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai, to know if a monotropic diet is good or bad for weight loss.

What is a monotropic diet?

The mono diet, also known as a monotropic diet, is a simple diet in which a person consumes only one food item such as bananas or a food group for several days and weeks. This diet has gained popularity among people who seek a simple approach to weight loss without the intense restrictions and exercise regimen. This diet’s main advantage is that it promises quick weight loss.

Is a mono diet effective for weight loss?

A monotropic diet restricts calories, which can effectively aid you in achieving short-term weight loss. So if you’re asking if it can lead to weight loss, the answer is yes. However, it is not a healthy way to lose weight. This form of diet is difficult to follow for a long duration and many people often start this diet to begin the weight loss journey before transitioning towards other dietary

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