Diet expert shares four snacks perfect for quick weight loss

One of Dr Michael’s methods is the Very Fast 800, a rapid weight loss plan slimmers can follow for up to 12 weeks by consuming just 800 calories per day.

The New 5:2 is a more gradual plan which asks dieters to limit themselves to 800 calories just two days of the week, with no calorie restrictions over the remaining five days.

The Way of Life is for those who want to maintain their already healthy weight.

All three plans follow the principle of the low carb, Mediterranean-style diet. 

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On Dr Michael’s website The Fast 800, the expert revealed which snacks he recommends for ultimate weight loss.

According to the expert, three meals are just enough to stay full throughout the day, and snacking is unnecessary. 

The expert stated: “Snacking spikes your insulin levels between meals and tends to increase hunger.”

However, many find it difficult to resist the urge to snack between meals. 

For those who get a little bit peckish during the day, Dr Michael shared four healthy, weight loss-friendly snacks, non-starchy veg, cheese, berries and nuts.

He stated: “Try to avoid snacks, especially on fasting days, but if required, have some non-starchy veg, a sliver of cheese or some berries.

“Alternatively, nuts are a great source of protein, fibre and micronutrients – just avoid salted or sweetened nuts, which can be moreish and easy to overeat.”

While berries are a great snack, Dr Michael warned that not all fruits were created equal when it comes to weight loss.

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Snacking on berries is fine as part of the Mediterranean diet, as are apples and pears. 


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The eight-week diet that could make you up to 11 years younger – study

The path to longevity is precarious, with the threat of serious chronic diseases lurking at every corner.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to healthy ageing, a study, published in the journal Aging, proposes a lifestyle regimen that could reverse your biological age in as little as eight weeks.

Based on simple tweaks to diet, exercise and sleep, the regimen could wind back the clock by as much as 11 years.

What’s more, the dietary pattern still makes room for meat, which is often left out or kept to a minimum in many longevity diets.

Looking at six healthy women who were on average 58 years old, the research team from the University of Virginia instructed the participants to follow a diet including plenty of leafy greens, seeds and three servings of liver.

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The women were also asked to exercise for 30 minutes five days a week, sleep for at least seven hours a night and do two ten-minute breathing exercises per day.

The findings showed that these interventions reduced their biological age by nearly five years on average.

However, one participant’s biological age fell by a whopping 11 years during the study.

Dr Kara Fitzgerald, the lead author, said: “This case series of women participants extends the previous pilot study of this intervention in men, indicating that favourable biological age changes may be achievable in both sexes.”

What did the participants eat?

The women had to enjoy plenty of vegetables, including two cups of dark leafy greens, two cups of cruciferous vegetables, and three cups of colourful vegetables every day.

They were also administered a daily dose of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, half a cup of berries, and half a teaspoon of

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