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Max Verstappen has previously opened up on the exercise routine, training schedule and diet which has helped him secure two F1 Drivers’ Championships. Verstappen dominated the campaign last season and currently leads this year’s championship with just three races completed. Express Sport takes a look at how the 25-year-old keeps himself in shape.


Verstappen has revealed the hardest part of racing is the strain on his neck and lower back. He uses weights and balancing exercises from his home as well as a series of exercise machines.

These include a wattbike, Isomed steering wheel to build up upper arm strength and a neck dynamometer. Verstappen told JOE: “For me the most important is just the cardio. I do a lot of running, Everyone is built differently.

“Some people need to work out a lot and need to focus on their muscles to keep the muscle strength up. From my side, I think I’m a little bit lucky that I don’t need to focus too much on that. Of course, I’m doing these workouts but if I don’t do that for like a week I’m not losing a lot of strength.”

Training routine

Max Verstappen has previously revealed he trains up to two times a day to stay fit throughout the F1 season. However, he stresses the importance of rest in a packed calendar and admits to having several off days when away from the track.

Speaking to verstappen-trains-his-neck-to-prepare-for-the-intense-g-force-on-track/?category=fitness”Men’s Health, Verstappen has previously explained: “In season, training depends if we are racing or not. Let’s say if we have a week off racing, I have Monday as a rest day.

Then Tuesday to Thursday, I will do 1-2 training sessions per day, depending on how busy we’ve been in the weeks before, and I would

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