Man sheds incredible 18 stone after living off diet of takeaways and crisps

After being told he was too large to have an MRI scan, Adam Henley knew he had to change his lifestyle and now the 49-year-old is half the man he used to be

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Adam Henley, 49, piled on the pounds after snacking on sweet treats for most of his life(Slimming World )

A 38st comfort eater devastated by the loss of his dad shifted half his weight after he was unable to fit into an MRI scan machine.

Adam Henley, 49, piled on the pounds after gorging on sweet treats as a way of coping with his father’s death when he was just 22.

Years of unhealthy takeaways and sugary snacks including cakes, doughnuts and chocolate saw him balloon and left his life in danger – so he set about turning his life around.

After joining his local Slimming World and drastically changing his diet, the financial analyst lost a staggering 18st – and has now been named its Greatest Loser 2023.

After once being unable to squeeze into a scan machine because of his, size he is now half the man he used to be.

But he knew he had to make a change and lost half his body weight (Slimming World )
He struggled with bereavement after his dad died when he was in his early 20s(Slimming World )

Adam said: “I would eat relatively healthily for breakfast and lunch but then my evenings would be full of high calorie snacks like crisps, biscuits and chocolate.

“My weight meant I developed cellulitis after getting a blister on my foot – the pain was a constant reminder of the damage I was doing to my health.

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