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May 14, 1948, in The Star: Declaring that the welfare of the individual is inseparable from the welfare of the entire state, Dr. George A. O’Connell, public health officer of Calhoun County, told a Lions Club audience that unless educated people meet the challenge of public health concerning all peoples, “We are headed straight for disaster.” Commenting on the unwillingness of some doctors to attend impoverished people who can’t pay large medical fees, Dr. O’Connell said that by such practices they are doing more to bring about socialized medicine — fought bitterly by the medical profession — than by anything else. Also this date: Graduation exercises for Mechanicsville Junior High School will be held on May 20, with diplomas to be awarded to 34 class members. Salutatorian will be Esther Phillips and giving the Valedictory address will be David Bowen.

May 14, 1998, in The Star: The topic of George Smith’s column today is the dangerous challenge faced by the average Anniston motorist who tries to make a left turn from 10th Street eastbound onto Quintard to go north. There’s no special light, no special lines to guide traffic through one of the most important downtown intersections. Smith looks to the future for resolution to this problem: “Twenty, maybe 25 years from now, another mayor and another city council will return unto the local scene one-way traffic in the downtown area (if there is still a downtown, of course). That is my prediction. I stand by it.” Also this date: Five distant descendants of Anniston co-founder Samuel Noble — three great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren — are visiting the city this week to conduct research and learn more about the town their ancestor founded.

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