Diet expert shares four snacks perfect for quick weight loss

One of Dr Michael’s methods is the Very Fast 800, a rapid weight loss plan slimmers can follow for up to 12 weeks by consuming just 800 calories per day.

The New 5:2 is a more gradual plan which asks dieters to limit themselves to 800 calories just two days of the week, with no calorie restrictions over the remaining five days.

The Way of Life is for those who want to maintain their already healthy weight.

All three plans follow the principle of the low carb, Mediterranean-style diet. 

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On Dr Michael’s website The Fast 800, the expert revealed which snacks he recommends for ultimate weight loss.

According to the expert, three meals are just enough to stay full throughout the day, and snacking is unnecessary. 

The expert stated: “Snacking spikes your insulin levels between meals and tends to increase hunger.”

However, many find it difficult to resist the urge to snack between meals. 

For those who get a little bit peckish during the day, Dr Michael shared four healthy, weight loss-friendly snacks, non-starchy veg, cheese, berries and nuts.

He stated: “Try to avoid snacks, especially on fasting days, but if required, have some non-starchy veg, a sliver of cheese or some berries.

“Alternatively, nuts are a great source of protein, fibre and micronutrients – just avoid salted or sweetened nuts, which can be moreish and easy to overeat.”

While berries are a great snack, Dr Michael warned that not all fruits were created equal when it comes to weight loss.

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Snacking on berries is fine as part of the Mediterranean diet, as are apples and pears. 

Sweet, tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and melon are sugary and should be avoided.

Slimmers should reduce their intake of sugar, sugary treats, sugary drinks and sugary desserts, opting instead for berries, a square of dark chocolate or a Fast 800 Shake for something sweet.

Those following one of Dr Michael’s weight loss diets can also treat themselves to the occasional glass of red wine, which is rich is resveratrol.

Eggs are a great way to start the day, paired with greens and parmesan.

Full-fat yoghurt and high-quality proteins such as chicken, turkey, pork, beef and beans are also delicious and healthy.

The expert suggested slimmers add extra virgin olive oil to meals, and stock up on old fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.


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